7 Effective Ways to Apply Night Creams for Best Results

7 Effective Ways to Apply Night Creams for Best Results

December 15, 2018 0 By admin

Nighttime is the time when the skin finally gets a chance to rest and repair itself. This is the only time when the skin is at rest and skin restores and regenerates skin cells. The skin’s regeneration power is higher at night when we are sleeping. Skin renewal happens mainly at night and night creams are the right solution that aids and supports the repair process. It is very important to use a night cream to heal the daily wear and tear caused to the skin.

With the help of right night cream, you can replenish your skin and restore its elasticity. You can consider the Revitol skin brightener for Radiant skin. The product consists of all-natural and non-toxic ingredients which reduce the appearance of dark areas and promotes a more even-looking skin tone. The best thing is you won’t need a separate moisturizer if you’re using it. You can use it both in day and night.

In case you’re not getting enough results from your night cream, there are chances that you’re not applying it in the right way.

Here are 7 tips to get the maximum benefits from your night cream:

  • Prep your skin

It is very important to prepare your skin before applying the night cream. Work on a clean base. Always wash your face at night and use a gentle cleanser.

  • Pre-hydrate

After washing your face, apply a hydrating toner. Hydration is very important and is the key to healthy and glowing skin. You can even use a natural toner like rose water for better results. Apply the night cream on the damp face and lock the hydrating benefits from the rose water.

  • Warm-up your cream

This technique will ensure that cream is absorbed more easily into the skin. Take some amount of cream on your fingertips and then rub it. Massage it onto your skin for better results.

  • Use essential oils

Essential oils are alternative therapies that can help in improving the health of the skin. People with dry and sensitive skin should try avocado oil, jojoba oil or vitamin e oil. Oily skin types should consider tea tree oil. Consider Vitamin C serum if you’re suffering from fine lines. Add these to your night cream and boost its performance. You can use revitol skin brightener if you’re suffering from hyperpigmentation, dull or uneven skin. Use Revitol skin brightener for uneven tone and reduce the appearance of dark areas and uneven skin tone.

  • Timing matters

Let your skin absorb the cream. So, always apply your night creams 10 minutes before going to bed for effective results.

  • Massage

The right way to apply night cream is to gently massage the cream. Spread cream across your face and the neck and gently massage in the upward direction and circular motions.

  • Lightweight and fragrance-free

Thicker cream can clog your skin pores. So, make sure that the cream you’re using is lightweight and fragrance-free.

Follow the above simple tips and get the maximum benefits from your night cream.