Facial Rejuvenation Surgery: 5 Signs You’re a Candidate

January 8, 2022 0 By admin
Facial Rejuvenation Surgery

When it comes to rejuvenation treatments, many people worry that obtaining them too early will be a waste of time. In contrast, others wonder if their concerns about their look are serious enough to justify aesthetic care. Rejuvenation therapy is most effective when you are dissatisfied with your physical appearance.

Some signs are a solid clue that you may need to begin therapy, no matter how light, moderate or severe your symptoms might be. Here are five signs of aging that tell you you might consider getting facial rejuvenation by Dr. Hilton Becker.

Wrinkles and Lines On the Skin

Every part of the face is susceptible to fine lines and wrinkles as we age, but the most prevalent are frown lines, wrinkles between the brows, expression lines, and lines around the nose and mouth.

Collagen production in the skin begins to decline in most individuals between the ages of 40 and 50 when wrinkles and fine lines appear on the skin.

The Skin is More Floppy

Laxity of the skin is characterized by an increase in the fskin’s thinning, dryness, and looseness. Skin laxity is most typically observed under the eyes, in the cheeks, and on the brows.

In addition to chronic dryness, age-related skin laxity is also caused by decreased amounts of collagen and elastin in the sub-dermal skin layers.

Uneven Tone and Texture of the Skin

While anyone can suffer from uneven skin tone and texture, they are most common in people over 40. It’s possible to have rosacea, redness from broken capillaries, or any number of other issues with the tone of one’s complexion if one’s skin tone is uneven.

An uneven texture on the surface of the skin indicates dryness and a bumpy, rough, or dimpled appearance. The best thing is that a facial rejuvenation by Dr. Hilton Becker will help you with this!

Acne and Scarring

Acne affects people of all ages, not just teenagers. Adults in their 30s and 40s are not immune to acne, particularly hormonal acne in women. In addition to pimples and blackheads, acne can also feature enlarged pores and sebum buildup on the skin.

Pit marks on the skin’s surface, enlargement of pores, and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation are all considered part of acne scarring.

Blemishes and Dark Spots

In most cases, the appearance of dark patches and blemishes on the skin is a symptom that your skin is damaged. Skin blemishes, such as freckling, darker spots, or new moles are often the result of prolonged, unprotected exposure to the sun.

Older folks are more prone to develop dark patches and imperfections.

Final Thoughts

While aging is unavoidable, accepting the physical and mental changes that come with advancing years does not have to be. You may renew your look and reverse the apparent symptoms of aging with various facial rejuvenation treatments. Getting a facial rejuvenation from Dr. Hilton Becker should be on your to-do list if you exhibit any of these symptoms.

It’s important to make sure your body and immune system are in tip-top health before undergoing plastic surgery to reduce the chance of problems.