How to Get Rid of Back Pain While Working From Home

How to Get Rid of Back Pain While Working From Home

April 24, 2020 0 By admin

Taking care of one’s health is one of the biggest tasks of humankind this century.

The weather is unpredictable; a sedentary lifestyle accompanied by consumption of junk food is alarmingly high.

The significant population of the youth is trying to manage work and personal life. In this process, their level of taking care of one’s health is getting degraded day by day.

Long hours at work and late-night meeting up of office targets lead to many problems of health in various ways.

One of the most emerging is that of back pain faced by a majority of people. As due to this pandemic crisis of COVID – 19, the Governments of influential nations have issued strict regulations of not venturing outside homes.

Working From Home

And thus, the emergence of work from a home idea has been implemented pervasively throughout the world.

Working at home somewhat adds to one’s convenience, depending upon the employer and other conditions.

Some employees like this idea, while some others are finding it difficult as their small children are coming between their work schedules.

You are spending long hours at the computer or laptop screen. But there is no such physical body movements that can lead to acute back pain problems.

The Onset of Back Pain Problems

Reasons may be many for the emergence of back pain problems like Obesity, aging, and even smoking habits.

Smoking in people causes to reduce the flow of blood to the lower spine inducing back pain.

Lack of calcium and vitamin D or D 3 can also lead to the starting of back pain. It is because one starts to reach adulthood, one minimizes the drinking of milk. It is one of the significant sources of calcium.

Lack of calcium in the body leads to brittle and breakage of bones and also back problems. 

Some Effective Ways to Tackle Back Pain Easily

Below mentioned are some of the effective ways of reducing back pain efficiently without many efforts: 


Regular exercise is one of the best remedies for preventing the occurrence of back pain.

It is also useful to loosen tense muscles and release the brain’s natural pain killers known as endorphins.

Daily or even thrice in a week exercises like

  • Strength training, 
  • pilates, 
  • sit-ups 
  • various stretching exercises

These can lead to the relaxation of the tense body muscles and lower back pain.

Learning to exercise various stretch exercises is also helpful for making the body movements and ease the pain, also called progressive muscle relaxation. 

The main reason for the back pain is that due to constant working, the muscles in the back become tight, causing pains.

Exercising will ensure that all muscles in the body breathe properly, and blood flows well to give relaxation for the tensed muscles.

Focusing on one muscle group at a time and slowly making it a regular practice can remove the back pain. 


Another main reason which many people don’t take seriously for the occurrence of back pain is due to not sitting correctly.

The posture which one has when one sits in front of the laptop is essential. 

About posture, the following should be noted: 

  • Slouching and straining at the computer screen should be avoided in any case;
  • Change the settings of your workstation and make yourself comfortable; 
  • The computer screen should be at eye level and the chair at the correct height; 
  • The feet of the person should be on the floor firm supporting the back; 
  • Keep your head up; 
  • Never cross your legs; 
  • Adjust the height of the chair;
  • Arms while working should be 90-degree angle; and 
  • The screen should be just arm’s length away. 


Another primary reason due to which people often complain of back pains is that they don’t take any break while working, and they are always seated without any movements.

Every 30 minutes going for short walks, for a minimum of 1 to 2 minutes, can also ease the back pain. 

Try to stand in between the work and when standing, ensure not to emphasize the whole body weight on one foot, instead of spread on both equally.


Another very no so popular reason for a person’s back pain problem is lack of proper sleep.

Sound sleep by a person for a minimum of eight hours can do wonders for the body muscles and lessen the pain.

You should change the mattress if it is more than ten years old. Old pillows should also be altered if they are more than eighteen months old.

It ensures better ease in one’s muscles during the night and the elimination of any back pain.  

Sleeping on the floor with a pillow underneath the feet or by placing a pillow under the lower abdomen and pelvis can also prevent back strain. 

For side sleeping people, putting a pillow between your knees and sleeping a good night’s sleep is also magical for easing back muscles. 

Such Health Concerns Become More Crucial during Job Loss Scenario…

The unemployment rates are surging high due to the recession and a very bad job market situation.

People may either switch themselves from earning money through starting a business or go for home-based part-time jobs.

Either way, the cash crunch situation at the time of unemployment is something pervasive. Besides, the anxiety of staying at home or working for hours and hours to gain maximum money can lead to health-related issues like we have discussed here, the back pain. 

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Sure, you can work out during the early morning and late evening until the lockdown ends. Afterward, you can have back-pain treatment. You should not worry about the cost of healthcare as you can approach online loans for unemployed in the UK.

Some direct lenders like AOne Credit are there, which are offering loans in a digital way. It will help you to get the funds quickly without traveling anywhere. 

Now you have the funds. It is time to get rid of severe back pain and work with peace of mind, whether at the office or home.