How Do You Get Rid of a Gas Bubble in Your Stomach?

How Do You Get Rid of a Gas Bubble in Your Stomach?

September 17, 2018 0 By admin

Generating gas in the stomach is the natural function of our digestive tract but nowadays, around 80 percent of the diseases have a problem of stomach. To make gas in the stomach is not a disease, but there is a problem that arises due to the stomach and the disappearance of intestines and liver functions. Our food is one of the main reasons behind the gas problem in the stomach. People get rid of a lot of money on medicines to get rid of gas disease every year. But this disease can be avoided with proper daily routine and proper diet. Today we are going to tell you about home remedies for stomach gas. Let us know how to solve the problem of gas in the stomach

Reasons to Become Gas in the Stomach

Stomach gas is formed when the bacteria present in our colon causes yeast in the carbohydrate, which our small intestine is unable to digest. In this situation, food containing high fiber increases the problem further. Fiber is usually good for health and it is also helpful for the good functioning of the digestive system and also controls blood sugar and cholesterol, but the fiber also creates gas in the stomach.

Home Remedy for Stomach Gas

Eat yellow mustard in stomach gas treatment:- The contents of home remedies of many diseases are usually present in every home. Yellow mustard is very beneficial in the treatment of stomach gas. It contains acetic acid which reduces the acidity of the stomach and immediately removes the gas generated due to it. Eating a spoonful of grated yellow mustard powder daily with hot water can only result in the problem of gas within 5 to 10 minutes.

Eat asafetida to remove stomach gas:- Mixing one teaspoon asafetida in a glass of warm water removes the problem of stomach gas. Asaf acts as an anti-fluent ant and prevents the bacteria from producing gas in the stomach to grow.

Home remedies to remove stomach gas from celery:- Eating teaspoon celery daily with hot water does not cause gas problems. Celery is found in a compound known as thymol, which secretes gastric juice and helps to remove the stomach gas.

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Cinnamon is the cure for stomach gas:- Cinnamon is helpful in preventing gastric acid and pepsin from the secretion of excess stomach walls. It consumes instant relief from stomach gas. Mix half teaspoon cinnamon powder into a cup of hot milk and drink a teaspoon of honey and drink it. The gas problem will be solved.

Ayurvedic powder:- Divine gas leak is an Ayurvedic powder produced by Patanjali Pharmacy, which removes the gas in the stomach, consuming it helps digestion. This powder contains a mixture of celery, black salt, hybrid, sweet soda, nibbuta, etc. If you consume the gas which works for gas, then you do not have problems like gas, acid, etc. that are produced after meals.

So with the help of all these things you can get relief from your gas problem.