How To Get Prolactin Levels Down?

How To Get Prolactin Levels Down?

May 11, 2020 0 By admin

Prolactin is the body’s chemical messenger that is released by your pituitary gland and sits at the bottom of your brain. Prolactin allows breasts to expand and mature and induces milk to develop after a child is born. Usually, all males and females have tiny levels of prolactin in their blood plasma. Certain hormones regulate prolactin rates are called prolactin inhibitors, like dopamine. During breastfeeding, the amount of prolactin rises. There is a significant decline in progesterone and estrogen after the child conceives. High amounts of prolactin cause the system to produce breastfeeding fluid. In females who are not pregnant, prolactin tends to control the menstrual cycle. In males, prolactin inhibits the development of semen. 

There is a condition called Hyperprolactinemia, where a high level of prolactin formation takes place in the blood of non-pregnant females and males. Hyperprolactinemia is relatively standard in females. Nearly one-third of females in their reproductive years have prolonged cycles with Hyperprolactinemia. When this occurs, a female may have difficulty getting pregnant, or her breasts can continue processing milk beyond pregnancy. High prolactin levels interact with the healthy development of other hormones, like progesterone and estrogen. It can alter or interrupt the ovulation. This situation may often contribute to times that are sporadic or skipped. Some people have elevated rates of prolactin without any signs. 

What are the common reasons for Hyperprolactinemia?

  • Chest wall irritation
  • Tumors in Pituitary
  • High blood pressure, depression or psychosis
  • Some particular foods
  • Stimulation of nipple
  • Excessive exercise or stress

How to treat Hyperprolactinemia

Treatment relies on the origin of the disease. If you do not have a reason or have a pituitary gland tumor, the standard cure is medication. A thyroid substitute drug treats Hypothyroidism, and will, therefore, contribute to usual prolactin rates. When your daily prescription is the cause behind your elevated prolactin rates, the doctor will consult with you or consider another drug or incorporate more to help reduce the prolactin levels.

With Medication

Bromocriptine and Cabergoline are the two widely used drugs. Your doctor will start you on a small dosage of any of these medicines and gradually raise your dosage before your prolactin levels return to usual. Treatment proceeds until the symptoms decline or you become pregnant. Typically, the doctor will interrupt the medication until you become pregnant. Most of the doctor suggest you cabergoline based on cabergoline reviews from the generic island


If the tumor is large, surgery will be required if the symptoms may not change. A frequently performed MRI is useful to test the extent of cancer.

Without Treatment

Not all patients with Hyperprolactinemia require medication, but people with Hyperprolactinemia cannot produce estrogen; as a result, it involves a drug that either induces them to create estrogen or delivers estrogen to the woman. Any medication will be required if a reason could not be identified or when the elevated prolactin level is attributed to a minor tumour in the pituitary gland and the person begins to produce oestrogen. Females with Hyperprolactinemia may often take oral contraceptives to prevent them from being pregnant.

There are other steps to lower the prolactin level:

  • Try to reduce your stress level. Keep your body and mind relax. Doing meditation can help you achieve this.
  • Change your diet plan. Include healthy foods or consult a dietitian for further help.
  • Do not force your body to do high-intensity activities and workouts. Switching to yoga is a great option. Yoga not only improves your body structure but also eliminates stress.
  • Say goodbye to tight-fitting push-up bras. Switch to lightly padded ones or only a cotton bra. It will allow your chest to breathe and feel comfortable.

Vitamin E and Vitamin B-6 supplements can be helpful.