Kratom Buying Guide For Beginners

Kratom Buying Guide For Beginners

November 25, 2020 0 By admin

The Kratom plant is an evergreen tree native to Southeast Asia that has been used for centuries to promote an overall sense of wellbeing. Many turn to Kratom as a natural alternative to chemical wellness options, due in part to its alkaloid compounds, which support alertness, focus, and calm. 

If you’re new to the botanical world of Kratom, it’s helpful to understand the different strains of Kratom and their intended uses and side effects. It’s also important to know how to prepare and consume it, proper dosage, and other essential health and safety information. 

Here is a beginner’s guide to what you need to know and consider before buying Kratom and introducing it to your wellness regimen. 

Kratom Uses

Kratom Uses

The earliest known uses of Kratom include harvesting leaves to fend off fatigue and improve work productivity. Southeast Asian natives are believed to have accessed Kratom’s benefits primarily by chewing or brewing the leaves into their tea. 

Today, Kratom has gained popularity in Western culture, where it’s prepared in traditional and modern methods alike. Depending on the strain, consumers use it to help support different aspects of their well-being, including:

  • Recharging
  • Recentering
  • Managing daily stressors
  • Supporting decreased irritability
  • Promoting a sense of calm and optimism 

Kratom Strains

There are three strains of Kratom—green vein, white vein, and red vein. These strains generally come from the same leaf but have unique colors due to the time they spend drying and fermenting. Each strain typically begins as red Kratom but can change color based on how long they are kept under natural or UV light or in fermentation. 

Here’s a breakdown of each strain and their general uses:

  • Green Vein Kratom

Green Kratom is best for daytime use and helps support general motivation, alertness, cheerfulness, concentration, and may help with post-workout recovery. This strain is generally considered a middle-of-the-road product.

  • White Vein Kratom

This strain is also best for daytime use and supports an extra pep in your step by promoting focus and cognitive function. 

  • Red Vein Kratom

Unlike the green and white strains, red Kratom works best for nighttime use by promoting peace and calm. 

Knowing the various strains and their effects are especially crucial for the Kratom beginner to determine which strain works best for them and their wellness regimen. 

Once you are accustomed to how you respond to each strain, you can even begin to explore hybrids. For instance, white and green Kratom can be mixed to promote alertness and overall health balance. 

Consumption Methods

The traditional method of chewing or brewing Kratom leaves is still widely used today, along with a few other modern routines. Because Kratom tends to have a bitter taste, many people add sweeteners such as honey, agave syrup, or flavored creamers to balance out the bitterness. 

Another popular method of consuming Kratom is in powder form. Similar to crushed leaves, this can be mixed into brewed tea and other beverages or smoothies. Many enjoy the smoothie option because it allows you to add different beneficial ingredients to provide even more health gains. 

The most convenient means of consuming Kratom in powder form is by “tossing and washing,” in which you place the powder on the back of your tongue and wash it down with a beverage. This is straightforward and simple to do with some practice and Kratom users’ most popular methods.

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Consumers can also access the benefits of Kratom by ingesting capsules. These are an excellent alternative for individuals who don’t enjoy Kratom’s taste or smell but still want to benefit from its properties. If you’re interested in trying hybrids, this is also a convenient way to mix and match strains. However, it’s recommended you familiarize yourself with the different strains before exploring combinations, as it takes practice and patience to achieve the perfect blend. 

Suppliers like Kats Botanicals offer straight strains and unique blends. 

A go-to option for most beginners is to consume the Kratom leaves through tea. If tea isn’t your preferred method, you can experiment with any of the above methods until you find what works best for you. 

Kratom Dosage

As someone new to the benefits of Kratom, it’s critical to follow strict dosage recommendations. The standard serving for Kratom is 2.4g and should not exceed two servings within 24 hours. 

Legality of Kratom

The legality of Kratom varies depending on your location. Given that it’s not always well-understood by legislators, it may not be legal in every area. If you’re adding Kratom to your health regimen for the first time, be sure to look into your local and state laws before you buy it. 

Third-Party Testing

Third-Party Testing

One of the ways to ensure your Kratom powder is free of fillers or other harmful substances is to get it tested. Kratom suppliers like use third-party testing to ensure consumers who want to take advantage of this botanical are buying 100% Kratom powder.  

A Final Word

When venturing into the natural world of Kratom, it’s vital that you research the different strains, take the proper dosage, look into local laws, and find a supplier you can trust. By familiarizing yourself with the different strains and adhering to these best practices, you can reap the all-natural benefits Kratom has to offer.