What Kind of Problem Will You Suffer After Menopause?

What Kind of Problem Will You Suffer After Menopause?

September 17, 2018 0 By admin

According to physicians, since the end of menstruation, there is a considerable change in women’s body. Because of which they tend to get charitableness and stress, but even after the hormone is over if women do a regular workout or other physical work, they are less likely to have heart problems. According to research, after menopause if women move fast even for ten minutes daily, their heart reaches a lot of benefits, so let’s know What kind of problem will you suffer after menopause –

Sudden chances of a heart attack are increased

As the aging progresses, there are problems in the heart of women with unusual abnormalities. Sometimes the heart starts to throb over, sometimes it feels nervous, and sometimes there is a sharp pain in the chest and there is a possibility of a sudden heart attack. During the research, it was found that women of the elderly who move at least six times in the week for nearly half an hour or that they cycle for about 1 hour in a week, they are more related to cardiovascular 10 percent of the problems are less risky. But women who do light workout exercises and have twice the risk of cardiovascular diseases less than women who do not work for two times a week.

Effects of smoking

who have never conceived and who come from the following social, economic background. Their menopause is likely to occur at a lower age. A recent study shows that men who have menstrual cycles of less than 26 days have menopausal menstrual cycle more than 1.4 years before the menstrual cycle. The age of menopause can be linked to the associated age. Most of the reports show that women of developed countries are less in the age of menstruation and during menopause; women of developing countries are more likely to develop.

What changes occur when there is a menopause?

  • Estrogen levels of blood decrease.
  • There is a significant increase in blood clotting hormones in the blood.
  • The number of luteinizing hormones increases. Testosterone levels fall because the ovaries gain only 50% of it.
  • The level of progesterone hormones can be different, and may not be different.

What are the symptoms related to menopause?

Many symptoms are associated with menopause, often due to the symptoms caused by the loss of the function of the ova gland, and due to the aging process or the symptoms of social environment tensions of the years of adult life are often distinguished. is. It is particularly difficult to differentiate between the effects of aging and the effects of menopause.

Menopause can be dangerous after menopause

after one year of menopause, it is called post-menopausal bleeding from vaginal bleeding. There may be several cancers and non-cancerous causes of this bleeding. The important incurable (carcinogenic) causes of bleeding from the vagina after menopause are: cancer of the uterus, cancer of endometrial (uterine lining), vaginal cancer, ovarian cancer.

Therefore, one year after the menopause, any kind of bleeding from the vagina must be taken out of its full purity.